Monday, September 20, 2010

First trip to the dentist

My Annie and her first trip to the dentist!
A few weeks ago, Annie took a fall which caused her front tooth to turn a shade of gray! Of course, it worried me so we scheduled her first dentist appointment, which she was due for anyway. The dentist told me that her tooth may turn back to it normal color or could stay gray until it falls out! (:-( ) She also assurred me this was completely normal and she swears this is why God gave us two sets of teeth! Annie did amazing at the dentist. She let them take x-rays (which showed no damage to the big tooth!), clean her teeth and do a floride treatment! She got a new princess toothbrush and got to take a trip to the treasure box, where she got one toy for her and took one toy home to Jesse!
Little things like going to the dentist make me realize that my girl is growing up!
I think she liked the dentist so much b/c she got to watch tv!
Dr. Amy and Annie!

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