Monday, September 13, 2010

Keeping busy

With three kids, we really don't have to look for things to keep us busy. We are busy...period! But it has been fun to get out and about. I guess you can't slow down too much for a third baby. Over the past few weeks, we have visited the book store with Addison and Annabelle....
The big girls reading to the little girls! (and there's sweet Jesse's feet back there at the train table!)
We have picniced in the backyard.
We went fort building with Daddy in Annie and jesse's room.

And we have made several trips to the park.
And of course, we have spent time relaxing watching our favorite shows on tv too (well...not really relaxing)
We have also helped daddy wash the cars, and by we, I mean Annie and Jesse (not me...I got out of that one!)

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