Monday, September 13, 2010

One Month!

I know I always say that time goes so fast and I can't believe how big my kids are, but I really can't believe that Molly is already one month old! I guess with the busyness of having three, it makes time fly even faster.
At one month Molly is just starting to smile and coo! She is nursing every three hours and sleeping from about 10pm to 3 am, eating and going back to bed until 6ish. She is just the sweetest most laid back baby. She rarely cries (unless she's attacked by a brother or sister!). She's the easy one! haha! So far, I feel like three is not much harder than 2. Of course, I have to factor in about an extra 30 minutes to get everyone out of the house when we go somewhere and I don't get a nice break in the middle of the day anymore when Annie and Jesse nap b/c Molly is always up during that time, but the things that are hardest were hard before Molly got here. (those toddler tantrums and brother and sister arguments to name a few!) We have been trying to keep up with most of the things that we did before including playdates and going to the grocery store. I feel like Annie and Jesse need these little outings and Molly sleeps for the most part. I'm sure as she gets older and sleeps less, that these things will become more difficult, but for now, we're doing O.K.!

Molly...1 month old!

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Amber said...

I'm so glad y'all are doing well! You make having three look so easy; I don't know how you do it, Super Mom! I can barely keep my head above water with my two. Ha. They are all three gorgeous. Kiss them for me!