Friday, October 22, 2010

Life as a cell phone.

I finally downloaded my cell phone pictures onto our here it is...our life according to my cell phone!
Annie's painted nails that of course she has to do "all by herself!" (I have these visions of us sitting together and me painting her nails all pretty...haha...not my daughter! She wants in on the action! Chubs!
My pretty girl!
Daddy reading books at bedtime! This has become Tanner's duty since I put Molly to bed at the same time. I miss reading books to these two, but I know that they need some good daddy QT!

Jesse wants to hold Molly all by himself...she looks terrified!
Molly sporting her MSU attire with a big smile! She knew that State was going to beat Florida!
Big boy with big shoes!
Playdate with Rylee and Yvonne while we were staying at Michele and Gary's house! what an awesome surprise that they were in town!
Library card holders! (with late fees already, I might add! Sheesh!)

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