Monday, November 8, 2010

County Fair

We took the kids to the county fair, which was a lot more fun than we anticipted! There was lots of livestock rides and food! Here's some pictures..
We actually got to wear jackets, it was chilly!
Check out Jesse's face! haha!
Annie peeking at the cows!
Sweet little Jess held his ticket to get in the gate the whole time we were at the fair!
when this ride started moving, Jesse's face lit up...I have never seen him smile so big! Of course he cried when he had to get off!
Next ride, the birds?
then onto the "sippy cups!" as Jesse says! Annie spun him around on this ride, which got to him after awhile and he started crying. The whole way home, he told us that he criedwhen he rode on the sippy cups!
Makes me sick just watching!
And here's Molly!

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