Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today is Born our Saviour!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve we went to church, dinner then back home to leave cookies for Santa and sprinkle reindeer food in the yard. We purposely didn't give the kids a nap so that they would be tired and go right to sleep....haha! Did we really think that would work?
Chrismas Day

The kids woke up at 5, but I managed to keep them in bed until almost 7! We said our prayers and read a letter that Santa left before they dove into their presents. They both got bikes and pillow pets amongst other things. Michele, Gary, Taylor and Lynzie came over. We had a great time exchanging gifts, eating, drinking and just being together!
I love Christmas! :-)
I pray that Annie and Jesse understand what it is really all about!
I missed my parents, sis and her family this year and already trying to figure out how we can all be together next year!

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Taylor & Krisa said...

Jesse's tie is pretty much the cutest thing ever! Merry Christmas to y'all and Happy New Year!