Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ringing in 2011

Happy New Year from this crew...
A new year always signals a fresh start! I'm not huge on new years resolutions, but it is such a comfort to have that feeling of starting fresh each year! I want to become more organized this year. Even more specifically, I want my home to be more organized! So as part of my new routines and fresh start to 2011 I joing the Fly Lady and have started the "baby steps" to declutter my house! (Thank you to my cousin who mentioned this to me in conversation.)

We had a wonderful New Year's weekend that began with our last trip of the year to Seaworld. We wanted to get one more day out of our annual passes before it expired. I am pretty sure that the rest of Florida (and the country for that matter) was thinking the same thing! It was packed. The kids didn't really know any better though, and we had a nice day.

Jesse could watch this roller coaster all day. He enjoys it as much as he does the fish.

This was our signal that it was time to leave...Annie is actually sleeping in this picture. We didnt even know she was sleeping and someone walking by pointed it out to us. Poor tired girl!

From Seaworld we headed to Tampa to spend the rest of the weekend with our some of our closest friends! There is something so refreshing about spending time with people that you are so close to. With 8 kids and 10 adults, we decided it would be easiest to just stay in and order food! It was a great evening. We even danced the night away at "Club Hertz", AKA their playroom! (This included a disco ball and everything!)

And this is how Annie and Jesse rang in the New Year!
January 1, 2011! (I'm going to have to get used to writing 2011).
Looks like Daddy Daycare in this picture!
We took the kids to two parks on New Year's Day. Annie insisted on wearing her new helmet "just incase she fell off the slide!"
4 out of the 6 of our kiddos!
I hope that these 4 (and Molly and Sutton) grow up to be as close as we are with Adam and Brie! (Or maybe two of them will even get married one day so that we will all be related! haha)
Happy 2011! I hope that this is a happy year for everyone. Brie and I declared it the year of NO babies! haha!

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