Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day weekend!

If you do something for three straight years it becomes tradition, right! We have spent the last three Memorial Day Weekends with the Hertz family. This year they came to our house. We went to the pool and to the beach and did some swimming in our backyard! We love the Hertz!!!
The babies, loving each other already!

Action shot of Jess, who never stops jumping and throwing things!

Sutton was so funny, he sat like forever...he didn't want his legs to touch the grass!!!


Sleeping...haha...yeah right! They stayed up giggiling until almost 11 the first night!

The day at the beach...

Three matching girls!

My girls!

My little family!

Tanner digs The.Best.Beach.Holes.Ever.!

Jesse loved sliding down "the island" into "the molt"!
Molly had enough!

We had an awesome weekend with some of our best friends!

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