Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Jam Spot

Over the past few months, most of our time and energy has been put into my fifth child...The Jam Spot!  I thought it was time to blog about it!
Since quitting retiring from teaching, I have spend endless hours brainstorming ways to work from home.  In the beginning of this year, my friend came to me with this idea for an indoor play and learning center.  I thought it was a GREAT idea and didn't hesitate to become part of it with her.  Over the winter, spring, and summer we worked to create the vision for what the jam spot would be.  Tanner and her husband started the construction of the inside of our building in July and we opened our doors in September!  We are now in full swing and I LOVE it...everyday! 
Sure, it can be exhausting with the kids and a new business, but I'm so lucky that I can bring them to work with me. Some days we do our school at the Jam Spot.  Somedays that works great and others..well not so much!  I am learning so much and it feels good to work!  I'm so proud of Tanner and Jon for the job they did on the build out!  I hope and pray that this will be something NSB will love! 
I present The Jam Spot....

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