Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play date with Leo

Annie and I went to visit Leo and Kristy for a little while today. It was so good to see them...with all the going out of town that we have been doing, I have missed them!
Leo is already starting to crawl. He is so cute! He got on both knees today and crawled. Kristy says that before today he pulls one leg behind him!

Leo's starring at his Annie Cakes!

Go Leo Go!

Leo likes to touch Annie! He "makes nice" with her!

Leo was so sweet...when Annie cried he started crying! He doesn't like to hear his annie cakes upset!

Yesterday morning after I fed Annie I noticed blood all over the floor. My first instinct was to check Annie to make sure she wasn't bleeding. (Thank goodness she wasn't) After a few minutes I discovered that the blood was coming from Hallie. She had a HUGE cut all the way across her head! I freaked!!! I got Annie dressed super fast and me, her, and Hallie got in the car and drove to the vets! Trying to get both Hallie and Annie in the car then out again at the vets was a job!!! They took Hallie in, had to sedated her, and had to put 10-12 stiches in her head! Poor thing!
When I got back, I noticed that Mullet had cleaned all the blood off of the floor...sweet thing!!! (I know...gross huh!!!)

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katie said...

poor hal!!

annie and leo are so cute together. i can't believe how big he's getting!