Monday, September 17, 2007

Saints/Bucs game (ugh!)

Tanner and I went to Tampa this weekend for the Saints game. Annie stayed in Orlando with Nonnie and Papa. It was the first time that we left her overnight! I missed her so much!!! We had fun at the game!
The guys tailgating!

Look it's Drew, Reggie, Deuce, and Rooster!

Me and Tanner about go into the Bucs stadium.

Brie and I at the game.

Collins getting slaughtered by a Bucaneer!!!

Happy Bucs fans!

Sad Saints fans!

Collins, me, Brie and Kara at the game!

Carson and Adam (Bucs fans) after the game.

We took these pictures in Wendys before we went to the game...I thought they were so funny!!!

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