Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last week

I haven't posted pics in a week or so. We have been in Colorado for Taylor's wedding! It was a blast! I'll post those pics soon
Here are some pictures from last week
Sept 22
Annie wore her LSU shirt, that Nola bought her, to watch football last Sat. She was reading the paper with daddy!

Sept 23
On Sunday we went for a family jog! (Me, Tanner, Annie, and Hallie) I found this onesie in the clothes that my mom brought me and were mine when I was little. It says "little jogger" on it, so I had to put Annie in this while we went jogging!

Later, Sunday evening we went to Kristy and Ethan's to watch football. Annie sat up for the first time (for more than 5 secs!!!) She is doing so much better at sitting and can catch herself a little when she starts to fall!

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