Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Taylor and Lynzie's wedding

Taylor and Lynzie's wedding was this past weekend in Boulder, CO! It was amazing...everything! The weather was beautiful too! We had a are tons of pictures from the weekend!
We packed so much for her it was ridiculous! We had 7 check-ins and three carry-on bags! How do peole travel with more than one baby???
Annie's first plane ride...she slept through take off...I wish I could do that!

As soon as we got to CO, Mrs. Michele and I went to Lynzie and Taylor's for her shower.

We played the game where you had to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper!

We went to eat at Chilli's before the rehearsal...Annie's having fun!

Tanner and two of Taylor's groomsmen (friends from college) at the rehearsal.

Practicing for the big day!

My parents, Katie and Max all were in Co for the wedding! It was so great seeing Max!

The rehearsal dinner was amazing! The resteraunt overlooked the city of boulder and the mountains!

Annie snoozing at the dinner!

The Brocks!

Lynzie and her sisters!

Tanner, Jason, Wiggum, and Taylor

Taylor and Lynzie!

My parents with their grandkids at the rehearsal dinner!

Me and Katie with our babies...isn't the background pretty??!

Me and Annie!!!

The bridesmaids, Mrs. Michele, and Mrs. Karen went to brunch the morning of the wedding. The resteraunt was beauitful!

My parents, Katie, Max, Annie, and I went walking around downtown's such a cool town! Here are some pictures of Max and Annie on Pearl St.

This is the wedding venue...beautiful!

Lynzie getting ready to get married!

Lynzie and her dad walking down the aisle!

Cody and I walkinng down the aisle!

Tanner and Jenny...maid of honor and best man!

bridesmaids with Taylor!

Groomsmen and Lynzie!


Tanner was so nervous about giving a speech!!! He did a GREAT job though...he even had everyone laughing!

YAY! They're married! The Brock girls now outnumber the boys!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Brock!

Me and Tanner didn't leave the dance floor! We had a blast!

Max actually fell asleep in the middle of the reception...he's so sweet!

Lovin on girl!

Annie breaking it down on the dance floor!

Taylor and Lynzie's neighbors had a brunch for them on Sunday morning! These pictures are of the brunch and their cute neighborhood!

We had a wonderful time at the wedding! Taylor and Lynzie are in Hawii right now! I'm jealous! Annie did really good in Colorado...she just went with the flow while we were there! She had some late nights, but has gotten back on Florida time and doing great!

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