Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sitting in shopping cart

My mom came home with us from New Orleans yesterday and we have been having a blast together. It is so nice to have her around and to have an extra hang throughout the day! I wish she lived here so bad! Today we went to Walmart and we decided to try to sit Annie in the shopping cart all by herself! She did really good and I think she liked being able to move and look at everything! Of course, my mom and I were both taking pictures of her big accomplishment in the middle of Walmart! Here are some of them!

Tanner's mom, Nonnie, got this outfit for Annie! Every since we got Ernie our whole family loves daschunds. So when we saw this outfit she had to get it for annie! The hat is my favorite part!

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Amber said...

Ohmygosh...she is just Tanner made over in that last pic. So precious! I know what you mean...I wish my mom lived here too (especially when we have another one).