Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tanner's 10 year high school reunion

This weekend was Tanner's 10 year high school reunion. We had a blast and it made me very excited about mine! (2 more weeks!) Friday night we went to the football game, for a little while, b/c we couldn't get a seat! It amazed me how young the h.s. kids look! Tannner's high school looks like a jr. college campus...a little different than good old PJP! It was cool to walk around the school. Everyone went to the Ale House after the game.

Me, Kara, Helena, and Brie

BFFs! (tanner and Adam)

Me and Brie (the only two that didn't go to Lake Brantley!)

Saturday we went to Tannner's friends, Ryan's, house, we all brought the was fun!
Stacy and her daughter Morgan, Brie and CArson, Me and Annie.

Brie, Carson, me, Annie (and baby in belly!!!)

Awww...this is what Brie will look like in 7 months with two babies!

Saturday night was the "big" reunion party downtown Orlando.

Tanner's girl friends from H.S. and me and Brie!

Ryan, Adam, Tanner, Scott

The Prom picture!

Adam, Brie, me and Tanner

Me and Brie caught having a very funny moment!

Being cheesy but having fun!!!

Me and Tanner

Cute pregos!!! (Slater baby #3 and Hertz baby #2 in bellies!)

Tanner ended up with all the LBHS 10 year reunion huggies!

going home!

We ordered close to $60 dollars worth of McDonalds on the way home b/c the food was awful at the reunion...that's lot of McD's!

When we got to Ryan's house there were three black bears in the tree in his front yard!!! this picture isn't very good but you can see one of the bear's glowing eyes..."Look out for Sashquach!"

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