Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Boo-Boo!

Annie got her first Boo-Boo this week! She was jumping in her jumpster, which she has finally learned to do and she loves it! She really gets going in that thing now and she just laughs the whole time. Anyway, she was jumping without socks on (first time mom mistake!) and when we took her out, we noticed that she had a blister on her toe. It wasn't too bad, but the next morning, I put her in her excersaucer (while I got dressed) and when I took her out, her footie was covered in blood, where the blister is! It freaked me out...being the first time and everything, but it didn't seem to bother Annie! I put some neosporin on it and a bandaid...which I found stuck to her shoulder, under her shirt hours later!!!
Here are some pictures...I know, gross...but I have to take pictures of everything!!!!


Amber said...

The same EXACT thing happened to Harper a few weeks ago, and like Annie, she never acted bothered, but I felt horrible too. Now, I alternate between sock feet and shoes. It hasn't happened again so far. Poor Annie. :(

Latrice said...

This is my first time to your blog!! Your little girl is adorable. My daughter is Annastasia (Anna)and she'll be two in Jan. I just wanted to say hi!! Great blog.

The Abney Family said...

Poor baby!! At least you didn't sprain her ankle or let her fall off a chair, face first, like me :(