Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh christmas tree!

We went and got Annie's first Christmas tree today! It's always so fun to get a tree...makes you feel like a kid, doesn't it! (except that when we were little we couldn't get real trees b/c my dad was allergic!) Anyway, we picked a tree and let Annie explore while we were there...

Tanner and Annie are both kind of making the same funny face here!

Yes, we let our child roll around on the ground and play in the trees! ha!

I think she might have ate a little dirt here! Maybe the rolling on the ground wasn't the best idea!

Me and Annie after picking our tree!

Annie in the trees

When we got the tree home, she sat by it for a while and touched and of course tasted it. (I forgot what a mess Christmas trees are...I've swept like 3 times today already)

I don't think she likes the taste of christmas tree!

Peek a boo

she loves her tree!

Annie is still working on crawling...she's still pushing up to knees and rocking, but not moving yet! I"m thankful for everyday that she is stationary...but really, I want her to crawl!


Amber said...

How cute is she in that tree? We haven't gotten ours yet. How are you feeling?

Latrice said...

Annie has gorgeous eyes. How fun to get your tree too!! We're fake tree people. We found one we loved last year plus we have two dogs that loved to eat the pine needles. It took one too many vet visits for that. Great pics.

Hayley said...

Great pics!!! Last year was our ds second christmas, but first year knowing what was going on. THis year, he's 2.5, he is going to have blast!! What beautiful eyes she has!!!!!

The Abney Family said...

How crazy is it that you are wearing a sleeveless shirt to pick out a Christmas tree?! The weather here has been warm as well. I can't wait for the cooler, "winter" weather! Annie is too cute. You'll be chasing her this time next year:)