Saturday, December 1, 2007

To move or not to move

Tanner and I have been thinking and talking about moving for awhile, and now that we're going to have another baby, we have been seriously talking about it! Tanner drives far to work and if we moved, we would closer to his parents (who could help us a lot with two babies!). It really makes since and sounds like the best thing for our family, but then I have a day like this and don't want to leave! Annie and I spent Friday morning at the beach. We walked down Flagler, Ave, which is the street that runs right into the beach. There are stores and cute resteraunts and its just such a great little town! Oh what to do, what to do???!!!! We are so confused...pray that we can make the best decision! Thanks!

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The Abney Family said...

That does seem like a tough one! But I tell you this, nothing beats having help when you have TWO little ones!! Good luck with the decision. I am sure whatever you all decide you will be happy!