Friday, December 28, 2007


My mom and I took Annie to the beach yesterday! It was a gorgeous day and the beach was crouded. Annie had a blast chasing the seagulls. She would see them and get so excited so I would run after the birds (she was in her stroller) and she would scream and scream with was so funny!

Beautiful day at the beach.

This man and his wife feed the birds everyday. There are tons of them that come eat right out of his hand. Annie didn't know what to do with herself around all the birds!

Getting tired!

We took these last few pictures at our house yesterday for no real reason! This baby LOVES her thumb!!!

She's so happy!


Amber said...

Look at those precious teeth. Harper still doesn't have any, which I'm so glad about since I'm still nursing, but Ella has been cutting one for the last few days.

The Abney Family said...

Precious as always :)

Tezra Williams said...

How adorable is she!!!!

Samantha said...

Those are really cute pictures! I can't beleive you're in a tank-top. It's way too cold here to even think about anything less than a pair of sweats!! I'm glad you had a good day :)