Friday, March 14, 2008


It's Friday...YAY! I look forward to Friday's just as much, if not more, now than when I was teaching, because it means that Tanner will be home for two days! We had a good day today!
Here's a few pictures of Annie this morning...

Annie and I made new friends a few weeks ago with a family that lives down the street from us. We went to the park with them today and had so much fun...they are so nice!
Of course Annie ate the mulch and got upset when I took it out of her mouth, so we had to call our park trip short!
Here's a picture of the girls playing.

Annie loves my cell phone! She's trying to call Allison b/c she sees me talking to her so much! LOL!
Tonight, Leo, Kristy and Ethan came over for dinner and to play. Annie and Leo pulled every toy out of the toy box and played so good together! They love each other...I think Annie loves him more though! haha!


Anonymous said...

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kasey said...

What a cute skirt where is that from?

allison said...

She can call me anytime :)