Wednesday, March 12, 2008

where's the light?

We had a great day today. We had all of Annie's friends over this morning then we went to the library for story time. Leo went today too, so Annie was happy to see him!
Here are some pictures of Annie today...check out this poor sad little face...breaks my heart and I don't even know why she was upset!

This one is much better!!! Annie loves doing "So big!" Sometimes she just does it without us even saying anything! Here's an example of that!

And again! (Although she kinda looks like John Travolta in Stayin' Alive!)

Here's a little video of Annie showing off a little! She knows where the light is! Of course she does this when you ask her where just about anything is!!!


kasey said...

So cute! LOL and your so proud! LOL.... teach her that the fan goes "round and round" make your hand go in a circle, She will be doing that one forever too! LOVE U GUYS!

kasey said...

Oh and by the way I love the Stayn' Alive picture that is too cute!

The Abney Family said...