Monday, March 3, 2008

Maw-Maw's 87th birthday weekend

This weekend was my Maw-Maw's 87th birthday! We went to Tampa, where she lives now, and stayed with my aunt and uncle for the whole weekend to celebrate. Family came from New Orleans, Washington DC, Baton Rouge, Nashville, and Las Vegas too see her! It was so much fun visiting with everyone.
Saturday night we all went to church and dinner together. We toasted Maw-Maw (me with water of course!) The meal was fantastic, although, Annie lost her patience after about an hour, so we spent most of dinner walking around the resteraunt!

Here is my Aunt Alison, Uncle jack, maw-maw, and my dad at dinner!

The girls! Alison, kim, megan, kendra, me and Erin

Megan, Phillipee, Patrick and Erin

Annie got a second wind when we got home from dinner, after screaming the entire way home in the car! She was playing and happy even though it was way past her bedtime!

Going for a walk!

Tanner even came over to have dinner with us on Friday night!

I took advantage of Nola and Gpaw beinng there, and slept in. Dad got up with Annie both mornings..isn't that so nice! Here's of picture of them just waking up!

Sweet baby!

Annie and great grandma! (Annie makes 9 great grand kids for maw-maw, but by July she'll have 12!)

Kendra and Kim with Maw-Maw!
Annie and Gpaw!
This is me and Annie walking around the table at dinner!
more walking around the table at dinner!
Megan and Erin with annie!

Happy Birthday Maw-Maw!!!

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