Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nola's visit

Nola left today...I'm so sad. We had such a good time having her here! Of course we took thousands of are a few!

Nola got Annie her birthday present early, since she wouldn't be able to bring it on the plane when they come in April. Annie got a wagon! She's very excited.

We spent yesterday at the beach. It was overcast, but Annie loved crawling around in the sand. Of course she ate some of it too!

what is this on my hands??

We went to mall on Monday and Annie got to meet the Easter Bunny. She loved him and kept wanting to touch his furry hands!

Playing in bed at the mall!!!

We tried on every hat that we saw at Babies R Us...Annie didn't keep them on very long though! So this is the only picture that we got!

She was so tired after a busy day of shopping that she crashed. We sat in the rockers at Babies R Us for an hour while Annie napped!

Annie also is starting to take one or two or three steps on her own! She'll walk from the couch to me or from the couch to her baby gate! Go Girl!!!

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kasey said...

Aren't Mimi's and Nola's just wonderful! Mom was just here for about 3 days, we miss her too!