Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great friends!

Today was a really wonderful day! My mom is here, which is exciting in itself, but we got too spend the day with some great old friends! Danielle and Mrs. Becky, our friends from Slidell, live in Jacksonville now which is only about an hour and a half from our house. Danielle is one of the oldest friends that I remember having. We grew up together and now we are pregnant together! Our babies are due about 6 weeks apart (and Katie's baby is due only about 3 weeks before Danielles). It was so good to see them and catch up on everything that has gone on over the past 10 years! I can't wait to get our little boys together when they get here!

Danielle and I and our little boys in bellies!

We won't be able to make it to Danielle's shower next weekend since its Annie's birthday so we threw her a little mini-shower today. We were teasing that the dogs were the only here's a pic of Danielle and one of her 4 legged guest that attended her shower!

While we were hanging out, Tanner and Ethan went fishing! They finally brought home dinner for us! They had a great day and caught a ton of fish. Here are a few pictures.

Annie was interested in the fish! I can't wait for her daddy to take her out fishing!


The Abney Family said...

Danielle looks great! I can't remember the last time I saw her! That's neat that you guys live closer together now. Annie and the fish are too cute.

Amber said...

It was so great to talk to you today. Annie is a doll!

kasey said...

AWE!!! I love Danielle! I am in the process of making her a bunch of my baby signs! Ya'll look great!

kasey said...

We would love to go the zoo when yall come home for a visit! Logan & Jason live in New Orleans now and they want to come along and go to the aqurium too! We would like to go before it gets so hot! When do you think yall might be making a trip home? We would love to get together. We miss yall so much!!!!