Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nola and Gpaw

Nola and Gpaw are here to celebrate Annie's birthday with us! We were very excited about their visit; however, it has not gone as planned!!! Unfortunately Nola got sick...she has shingles, which is basically a strand of chicken pox that you get when you are older (not that she's old..haha). Anyway, shingles is NOT contagious but if you have it you can give other people chicken pox. I was vaccinated for chicken pox (since I never had it when I was little) and I am immuned, but of course Annie is scheduled to get her chicken pox vaccination on Monday, the day that Nola leaves! We have done really well with keeping Annie away from Nola, but it is so hard, b/c my mom doesnt get to see her that often and of course she wants to love on Annie! She is not contagious anymore and we have completely disinfected our house; however, I am still going to let all the babies' moms, that are coming to annie's birthday, know about what's been going on. Most of her friends have probably already had their vaccinations, but I'm still worried that she may not have any friends come to her bday! Either way, it will stay be a special day and I'm glad that Nola has been here...sick and all! Just say a prayer that Annie won't come down with chicken pox! That was a lot to read, haha!

My dad got a new camera that takes great are a few that he has taken of annie since he has been here.
Banana anyone?

Patty Cake

Mom's happy because she gets to be in the same room as annie now!

Pushing her stroller (trying to get ready for her baby brother)

Reaching out for her baby!

Annie and her blanket! The second she gets her blanket in her hand she stops everything and sucks her thumb. She will only suck her thumb if she has her blanket!!!


Amber said...

That is so precious about the blanket. Happy early birthday, Annie!

The Abney Family said...

Great pics! I hope your mom feels better!

kasey said...

WHat kind of camera, we are in the market for a new one, and would like to get a good one that we know someone has.