Saturday, April 26, 2008

Papa's birthday

Friday was Papa (Tanner's dad) birthday. We had a great dinner with Papa, Nonnie, Nola, Gpaw, Taylor, Lynzie, Tanner, Annie and I.

This morning we went to the boardwalk to go to for a little nature walk with G-paw. He got a new camera so we took some fun picutes!

Here's Annie in her stroller eating!

The beach and lifeguard stand from the boardwalk.


Annie's ready for Papa's dinner.

Annie got to eat cake the day before her bday to celebrate her papa's birthday.

Annie is really into picking up leaves right now. She doesn't put them in her mouth as much as she used to, so its better.

The Brock (Gary, Michele, Corey, Tanner, Taylor, Lynzie, annie)

Longmire and Brock (Ann, Tom, Corey, Tanner, Taylor, Lynzie, annie)

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Megan Hain said...

Your dad's camera takes some amazing pictures!!