Friday, May 9, 2008

Annie's chicken pox are clearing up really well. I don't think she is contagious anymore, but we're going to stay inside for one more day just to be sure. It has kind of been nice just hanging out with Annie not having to do anything else. Nonnie came over Thursday to visit and bring us lunch, which was very nice and Tanner got home early yesterday too. We'll be ready to get out come Sunday though....just in time for Mother's Day and my birthday!

Here's Annie walking around with her blankey. This is what she looks like 75% of the time...holding blankey with her thumb in her mouth!

We got out some toys that she hasn't played with in awhile. She still isn't too sure how to make these animals pop up.

she can get on and off her zebra by herself now...when she puts down her blankey.

My sweetheart!

Loving these sippy cups! (I am too!)

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kasey said...

Looks like she is doing well, sweet little girl. Did you get my email about Destin?