Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Annie has come down with the CHICKEN POX!!!! I posted about my mom coming to visit and she got the shingles. chicken pox can be passed on from the shingles. We thought that we were in the clear b/c she made it two weeks (to the day) without any spots. The Dr. told us that if she didn't get it within two weeks she was ok! Well the day of her party, that we moved so that no babies would be exposed, (so much for good intentions!), we noticed one big red dot on her forhead. We thought it looked like a mosquitoe bite. By the time she went to bed Sat. night we noticed another one on her ear, but again thought she got bit since we were outside. Sunday we went to Kristy and Ethans and we noticed more spots on her. Kristy's mom is a nurse and told us that it was definitly chicken pox. Annie's dr. confirmed it on Monday. she just gave us some ointment to rub on the ones that pop so that they don't get infected. Annie's not running a fever or acting sick. You would never know anything is wrong except for the big red dots all over her! So, we are just thankful that she's not feeling bad.
I couldn't post this until today b/c I just told my mom last night about all of this. She felt so bad and was happy that Annie hadn't got chicken pox, I had a hard time telling her that she came down with them! Like I told my mom though, Annie is OK and maybe its better that she get them instead of just being she's done with them forever!
I tried to get some pictures of them this morning. I have to capture this in pictures, of course. They are kind of hard to see....but here are some pics.

She has one right on her nose!

silly girl!!!

I mean, can you even tell anything is wrong with her!??!!!

Oh, annie has also been down wither her bottles for a little while now. She loves her sippy cups and the freedom to carry them around with her. She likes to walk around with her cup and her blankey! The more things she can fit in her little hands, the better!


The Abney Family said...

Poor baby!! Make sure you tell your doctor that she has them as well. Hopefully she will recover quickly!

kasey said...

I cant believe that she got them!!!! Poor baby, is she itching?

kasey said...

Hey! I did cut it, I cut it shorter in the back and longer in the front. It was a big change but I reallt like it. Its growing out now. It was supposed to be a lot shorter but my girl didnt want me to freak out.