Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meeting Emerson Lane

Yesterday we got to meet Emmy Lane...Brie and Adam's baby girl and tanner and my god-daughter. She is just the sweetest and cutest little baby. I can't believe how small she is and how quick I forgot how tiny newborns are. Brie looks and feels great and is getting used to having two little ones in the house. Annie had fun playing with Carson and Austin. Here are some pictures of our visit.

Emerson Lane Hertz
Me and my God-daughter!
Annie petting the baby...this was a little scary, even though she was being sweet!

Mommy and baby
Lady's man Austin hanging out in the ball pit with Annie.
Carson examing the phone.
I'm loving his shirt!
Annie and Carson
There have been lots of fires around our house the past few weeks. They aren't real close to put us in any kind of danger, but when the wind blows you can smell and see the smoke. We took this pictures on the way home from visiting Brie and Adam.I just loved this pic so I had to post it. Annie's loves her water!

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