Friday, May 23, 2008


It finally rained here today, but before it started we went to the park with leo, Kristy and Ethan. Here are the babies riding in the wagon to the park!
Swing, Swing, Swing, Swing
Playing on the slide.
this weekend there is a big fish tournament at the park by our house. We walked down there this evening to watch the boats come in from offshore and to weigh the fish. Tanner fished in this tournament a few years ago and being there makes him want his boat back!
Here's Annie amongst some of the boats for sale.
Tanner took Annie close to the weigh in so that she could see the fish!
Dolphin...he weighed 56 lbs.
Annie and daddy
Me and Annie. You can see the boats lined up in the river waiting to weigh in.
Daddy and Annie again...cuties!

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