Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little Gym and Swimming

We had a busy day today...we went to The LIttle Gym for a make up class that Annie missed while she had the chicken pox. It was fun b/c Tanner got to come with us and see her in action! Here are a few pics of her playing....swinging on the bars. (well, not really swinging at all but holding the bar)

She loved this...she would climb on the mat and walk while holding on to the bars.
Just got done doing a back flip over the barrel..with lots of help of course. Walking up the mats and my prego belly
This afternoon we went to Kristy's parents for her bday party. We swam and ate a ton. It was fun except when annie pulled a chair on top of her and her mouth was gushing blood. It scared me to death! It was the most blood that has come out of her since she was born and I now know that I freak when I see blood!
Annie liked her raft as much out of the pool as in it.
Taking a break with daddy.
Annie and Leo hanging out in the pool

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