Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Here are some pictures from our long weekend.
Annie yesterday just being silly.

We have started the long process of switching rooms and getting ready for the baby. We are moving our bedroom, Annie getting our room and the baby is getting her room. It's a big process but we think that it will work best for our growing family. We pulled the carpet up in our "new" room and Tanner painted it this weekend. It's looking better already!

Annie was being silly while eating her lunch. She likes to have her blankey with her while she eats now too, which causes it to end up with food all over it by the end of her meal, but she doesn't care. She's loving it right here!

We took a walk on the boardwalk this morning. Here's Tanner showing Annie the sights from the "crow's nest."

Lost a shoe

The view of the lighthouse from the boardwalk.

We went to Kristy and Ethans for a cookout this afternoon. AFter playing outside for hours, Annie was a wreck! She had dirt and watermelon juice all over her shirt, shoes, and face. She plays hard and is a complete tomboy.

She needed a bath after all that playing so we bathed her over at their house and she borrowed some of Leo's is being silly again in Leo's new big boy bed!

And theses two looked like twins in their matching pjs!

Is this Leo or Annie? Care to guess?

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kasey said...

It looks like yall had a nice weekend! Rye has a baby too, just like that and a frog that goes pretty much every where too! I guess that is Leo....?