Wednesday, May 28, 2008

videos and sunglasses

Annie loved playing with Tanner's sunglasses so we found these that Nonnie got her and snapped some pictures. She thought they were so funny.

I had fun video taping Annie today during lunch. Here is Annie's impression of a dog! It cracks me up.

Annie has also learned how to say "All Done." (well kind of) She says it when she's had enough food, which is good for me b/c I would just keep feeding her! Here she is playing with her blankey and saying all done.


Amber said...

She's so smart! And cute too. :)

kasey said...

Too smart! I love the dog barking! Rye just pants like a dog & stinks her tounge out, no barking yet....LOL

The Abney Family said...

Adorable as always! Love the glasses!