Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day and Bday 29!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone today! I hope that y'all had an awesome deserve it!

I had a fantastic Mother's Day...and 29th birthday! Michele asked me how often my birthday fell on Mother's Day and I have absolutely no idea...I probably never paid attention before I had Annie...or I did know but blocked it out b/c I had to share my birhtday with my mom! haha...just kidding! I bet that was a blast...I'm sure we probably did whatever you wanted mom! again...kidding! Anyway...

Tanner took Annie and I to Seaworld today. It was a blast. We thought it would be something that she could enjoy since she is still young. Fish is one of the words that she says (actually its gish, but we count it!). She had a great time, but I think she was in amazement or overwhelmed by everything she saw! She would almost go into a trance. Her favorite part of the whole day was walking around picking up leaves! Go figure! Tanner and I had fun too. We get in free for the rest of the year, so we plan on going back often!

So here are some pictures of our day. Be warned...there are a lot of pictures! We took 105 pictures today, so considering that...this isn't too many!

Annie and Me with a dolphin.

Annie walking away from the Dolphins!

She has learned how to smell flowers, so she liked the flowers as much as the fish.

Walking away from the manatees!

Penguins! I think she was a little confused here. She knows birds and fish, but I don't think she knew why these birds were swimming! It is a hard concept to get at age 1!!!

Leaf in hand!

The sea lions were funny...this guy was sleeping like this.

Annie did really like this tunnel with all the fish in it. She kept pointing and saying fish.

Walking around again!

She found another leaf!

She went on her first carausel ride. She was little timid at first but once it got going she really liked it!

She got on her suit and played in the little splash area. She loved this!

She was getting trampled by the bigger kids, but she didn't care.

Soaking wet and feeling good!

This is us at the Shamu show...she was wearing down by this time but she was still a trooper.


Watching shamu with dadddy.

AFter the Shamu show we were leaving and Annie couldn't take it anymore...she fell asleep still sitting up sipping her water! Poor tired girl!

We went to Nonnie and Papa's for some swimming, dinner, and birthday cake after Seaworld. It was a GREAT DAY!!! Thanks Tanner!!!!!!!!!!!


kasey said...

Its looks like ya'll had a great time! I love her bathing suit! Where did you find that at? Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Mothers Day, I love you!

The Abney Family said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a fun day. How precious is Annie?!