Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tanner and I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to Nonnie, Nola, and Papa, and G-paw in spirit, for taking such great care of Annie while we were in the hospital. It was so comforting knowing that Annie was in such good hands while we weren't home. She has the best grandparents ever! Annie didn't mind leaving us at the hospital at all b/c she was so happy to be with her grandparents! We are all looking forward to seeing G-paw tomorrow!
Nonnie, Nola, and Jesse

Nola and Jesse

Papa and Jesse

Nonnie and Jesse

We really appreciate everything that you all do for us! Thanks!

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theandyoneals said...

Congrats Corey!! Jesse is beautiful and I am so jealous of your labor/birth story!! What a woman!