Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Full Day home

Here are some more pictures! Today was our first full day home all together! It was a good day...Jesse slept great all day and we're hoping he continues to do so tonight...last night we weren't so lucky!!! Annie is so good with him...she's way more gentle than I thought she would be! She's being such a big helper too...throwing away his diapers, bringing him is pacifiers! It is nice having my mom and Tanner around too!
Jesse's first bath at home. I'll be happy when his cord falls off and we can give him real baths!

Enjoying a snooze in the swing.

Kristy, Leo and Joey came over to visit. Our little guys are only 16 days apart!

Annie and Leo are sharing some fruit here!

the trees in our front yard got cut down today and Annie was fasinated by it. She stood at the window for awhile this morning just watching!

My babies!

Tummy time.


The Abney Family said...

How cute!

Veronica said...

Corey, CONGRATS!!! I just read the last 2 days and imagine my surprise! Of course, not as surprised as Tanner when he actually HAD to believe you this time! LOL Beautiful family. Again, best to you all! Look forward to watching them all grow!

Carrie said...

Look at all of his beautiful dark hair. I hope you're feeling well...even though my delivery was so much easier, my recovery this time is a lot harder...oh well, I know it will be better soon. I hope things are well for y'all...keep the pictures coming.