Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week 1

Jesse is one week old today! It's crazy how fast time goes...I felt like he would NEVER be here and now it seems like he has always been here! It was a good week with Nola and G-paw here. We had a couple of rough nights and a few great nights! Jesse is a sweetheart...even his cry sounds least to me it does! Nola and G-paw are on their way back to New Orleans. It was super hard to say good-bye this visit but hopefully we'll see them soon. Here is a recap of our first week as a family of 4...

Annie feeding herself

Jesse snoozing

We took both Annie and Jesse to the Dr. on Thurs. Annie was due for her 15 mth. check up and Jesse had his first visit. We were there for over 2 hours. For the most part, everything went good, but get this...Jesse has a tongue tie too just like Annie. We plan on taking care of it soon so that we don't have to go through the whole hospital/anestesia thing again. This is a picture of how we kept annie (and ourselves) entertained for 2 hours!

Just a few pictures of Jess...

Annie got some new tennis shoes...check out this sweet outfit!
Annie and Nola played outside in the pool and sprinklers a lot while she was here. Even though Annie didn't really like the sprinkler, she loved being outside playing with Nola.

Bathtime with Nola and G-paw.

I love this pictures...Daddy and son!

Here are a few pictures of Annie and Jesse together. We took about 1000 of them and I think maybe three came out ok! Annie was all over the place, including on top of him!

Silly Nola!
Nola and G-paw reading to annie and Jesse
I wear my sunglasses at night!

Next week, I'll be all by myself with 2 kids! Stay tuned for that goes!!! And say prayers please!
We love you Nola and G-paw...thanks for coming! We'll miss you tons!
Thanks to Nonnie and Papa too for bringing them to the airport today! Y'all are so helpful!!! We love y'all too!


The Abney Family said...

Sounds like an awesome visit. Glad your parents were able to spend that first week with you. Annie is too cute in her bikini and tennis shoes! Jesse is pretty cute, too!

Carrie said...

Annie's outfit is hilarious! She is so cute. I can't believe Jesse is already a week sure goes by fast! Hope y'all are doing great and you're feeling well.

Veronica said...

Love Annie's Bib!! ;) I could so "munch" on her thighs! 2 cute. They won't last long! Jesse is just precious. Have fun, by yourself. You'll do just fine. Once the "routine" is down!

kasey said...

Alton & I cant stop gigging at Annie's outfit & new kicks! She is too funny, I know you will do great this coming week, your a wonderful mommy & I know Annie is going to be a big help!