Saturday, August 9, 2008

The past week

Jesse turned three weeks old today! He's still as sweet as ever and doing well sleeping at night and napping during the day. He has times where he is wide awake and seems to be taking everything in...especially his sister, who is always on top of him...or stepping on him! I think that sometime this past week, she has realized that he is here to stay and I'm not sure how happy she is about that!!! (I think that might be why she is stepping on him!)

We had a good week. We all went to Nonnie and Papa's house on thursday for the day. Nonnie took this picture of Jesse and I sleeping. We both needed the nap, although mine only lasted about 10 minutes and his lasted a couple of hours!

Katie and Amelia are in New Orleans right now (I'm so jealous!) visiting mom and dad. Y'all know how my mom loves to meet famous people...well here is her latest...she met Rev. Run and his wife and two older daughters. We love his show, Run's House and we got my mom watching it too. They did a book signing in new Orleans so you know my mom would be there. Amelia got to meet them too!

Nonnie and Papa came over today for some jambalya that Tanner made. We had a good day. Papa took these pictures of Annie and Jesse.


Amber said...

I love the nap picture of you and Jessie. It makes me eager to meet Sadie!

Amber said...
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kasey said...

That is such a beautiful pic of you 2 sleeping. And SHUT UP! Your mom met REV RUN!!!! We LOVE that show too! Just saw the one about them starting a book. Wish we would have know he was in town. Your mom is so funny! Tell her to call us when she goes on her next celb run.