Friday, September 12, 2008

8 weeks tomorrow

Jesse will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe our little guy is almost 2 months! He's holding his head up, smiling, and cooing! He's still just the sweetest baby! We're not sure who he looks like still! Here are a few pictures!

This is a picture of Annie when she was 8 weeks. We were trying to decide if they looked a lot. Annie was definitly bigger then Jess and her cheeks are about triple the size!!!


Veronica said...

corey, he is getting so big and so handsome! such a cutie-patootie!
Have your mom call the airport tomorrow morning and check the flights. N.O. Intn'l lost power this a.m. at 5:30. 90% is back now.
All this is CRAZY!!!! I left for the wrong storm!!! :O

kasey said...

I think that they have the same chubby checks and the same chin. I think they do look a like. Beautiful babies.

katie said...

no way, that's not annie! that is hilarious...she was SO cute, in a jaba-like way. jess getting so big and prec