Saturday, September 13, 2008


Nola went home today and we are all sad! Here are some pictures of our fun times together over the past two weeks.

We went to dinner last night with Nonnie, Papa, and Nola. The resteraunt had lots for annie and Jesse to look at including a tube that wrapped around the whole resteraunt with fish swimming in it. annie loved this and didn't want to sit back down after she saw it. Here are her and Nonnie checking out the fish.

Nola and Annie

all of us at dinner

Papa and Annie

Annie is signing Thank you!

Nola thought it would be fun to put Annie her doll's that's all she wants to do!

ice cream...yum!

annie was learning about circles and using a bingo dobber to make circles, really she just wanted to put the cap on and off...she didn't care much about circles!

Eating Jesse's paci!

These next two pictures of of annie and jesse before they got their pictures taken!

We miss you already, nola...thanks for everything!


Amber said...

Annie is so smart! I wish we lived closer; I think she and Harper would be BFF.

The Abney Family said...

Glad you had a good time with your mom. The kids are beautiful! Be sure to let us see some proofs/pics of them in their outfits!

kasey said...

Looks like ya'll had some fun times! Miss you guys!