Monday, September 1, 2008

Al and Jason are here!

Al and Jason got here Saturday morning about 5 AM! I am so happy to see's been way too long and of coure the kids LOVED their nanan and Jason!
Nanan got Jesse his blankey to match Annie's blankey. al is the one that got Annie's blankey that she carries around with her. She liked Jesse's blankey too and already got strawberry nutra grain bar all over it!

The kids with their Nanan!

Audrey...Al, says HI!!!!!!!! We wanted to take a picture of her with a sign that said Hi Audrey, but as I'm sure Al will tell is complete chaos at our house all the time, so we never had a chance to make the I'll just say Hi for her!!!

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theandyoneals said...

Yay!! Hi to everyone down there, too!! Major points to Allison for successfully completing her task of getting in the blog!!
Hope y'all have a great time at Disney!!