Monday, September 1, 2008

Jesse's Baptism

Jesse got baptised on Sunday. It was such a special day. We had a little celebration at the house after the baptism. It was great having some of our family and friends here with us for such a special occasion!

Al and Jason got Jesse this is such a great bible verse!

Our family before the baptism. Jesse wore the same gown that Annie wore, which is one that was handmade by my great grandmother and has been worn for three generations. It was in hurricane Katrina too, but with a little bleach, it looks good as new.

Brie and Adam got Jesse his shell which he was baptized with.

So special!

Jesse is so lucky b/c he doesn't have just two godparents...he has 4!!!!! Al and Jason and Adam and Brie are all Jesse's godparents!

Nola and Gpaw made it for the baptism, which worked out perfect bc they had to evacuate anyway.

All and grandparents!

Maw-Maw and Jesse

Jesse and Joey needed a changing back at the house!

Jesse and his cake

Leo and Annie eating cake...Annie smeared it all over that glass behind her.

Carson and Annie

Nola, me and Jess

It was so good to have al here!

Jesse's baptism was so special! What a great weekend!

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kasey said...

I love your hair i cant wait to get a hair cut & a pedicure! rye Gus and I are in Slidell right now with my parents we still dont have power in BR, so a bunch of us came home we r headed to Minnies tonight to drink. I think Kt and I will head back Sunday. I will stay with her she has power back as of yesterday. Hopefully Ike stays away from us all!!!