Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teach Your Tot

Hi y'all! I just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. I started a website called Teach Your Tot. ( I have emailed some of you about the site, but I just wanted to post it on here too.
It is a sight where moms (and dads, and grandparents etc) can go and register and have a weekly email sent to your inbox with a variety of activities to do with your toddler all based around a theme. For example, this week's theme is leaves. In the email, there are book suggestions, songs and finger plays, activities, and online games all about leaves. Annie and I and Katie and Max have been doing this for a little while and it is so much fun. It gives us a lot of variety in our play time together and the kids are learning at the same time. The website is meant to be used however you and child feel comfortable. It is not meant to be structured or anything. We do the different activities 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. You know your child best, so you will know how best to use the suggestions.
There is also a community message board for parents to talk with others about parenting, the activties (what worked, what didn't, did you change anything etc.), non-kid related topics, and there is even a place to share recipes.
Check out the website, and if it something that you think you might like please sign up. Again, if it is something that you like please pass on the information, post the link on your blog or let your friends know about it! I would appreciate it!
Thanks so much
PS...I am really new to all the technical stuff, so if you have any problems accessing the website or anything, just let me know! thanks!

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