Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brock Family Tour: Part 2

Part 2 of our tour continued on Thursday. We drove 6 hours from North Carolina to Tuscaloosa to stay with Al and Jason for one night. This was by far the hardest of all the drives that we made. Annie was out of sorts the last few days in N.C. (we still haven't figured out what was going on with her) and this carried over to the car ride. Luckily this was the shortest of all of our trips. After our night in T-town we headed onto STarkville, or final destination!

Annie slept like a rock at Al and Jason's house. This is house she woke up the next day! How did this happen???...we have no clue!

Friday morning, we got up and on the road early. Since it has been over 5 years since we have been back to STarkville, tanner and I were very excited. As soon as we got there we toured campus and got lost a few times b/c of all the new building, roads, and construction. The campus looks awesome! We took the kids out and went and played on the drill field. We tried blend in like we were still in college but I think Annie screaming gave us away! She had a blast running around. Of course, we went to the Bulldog Deli for lunch and to the bookstore to get annie a cheerleading outfit. My parents met us in STarkville to help out with the kids so that tanner and I could relive our college days! We went to dinner at the grill and of course made our way to Ricks! Saturday we had a shower for collins and rooster at the statehouse grill, which wasn't even there when we were in college, then went and tailgated with the Thoms. We finally got to meet Camden, Traci and Lakes youngest and see Braxton again. They are adorable! Tanner and I were so tired that we went home after watching the game back at the statehouse. It was an awesome weekend and Annie did excellent on our 12 hour drive home thanks to Nola's DVD player and Elmo! We were happy to get home and back to our normal life...but it was a GREAT trip!

Here are some (a lot) of pictures from Starkville!

Jess in his Dawgs onesie

Tailgating with kids...a little different than how we used to do it!!!

The Brocks and the Thoms

Thank goodness for Nola and Gpaw!!!

Braxton was so good with Annie!! he's adorable.

Go State!!!

Like old times at Ricks!

Playing on the Drill field

Our family!

Stayed tuned for Brock Family Tour: Parts 4 and 5 to come in Nov. and Dec!!!


Carrie said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like a great trip. We'll all have to plan a Starkville trip soon...Livie and Jones need a State trip...they've both been to Oxford, so I know Chris is ready to get them down there!

Amber said...

I'm so glad ya'll had a great trip. The pictures are terrific, and you look beautiful!

kasey said...

Great pictures! Glad yall had a nice time. Poor Annie was pooped!