Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brock Family Tour: Part 1

whenever we have a lot of things/trips planned, Tanner always jokes and says that we are going on tour! So, our fall 2008 tour began last week! We left Saturday morning (in the car at 5:00AM) and drove 9 1/2 hours to Tanner's parents house in North Carolina. The kids did much better than expected in the car. We had a blast. We hiked, went to the nature center, went to the park, went out to dinner, went to highlands for lunch to walk around the town. The leaves were gorgeous and the weather was perfect (if not a little cold!) Tanner's parents met us there, which was a great help. Tanner and I even got to go to dinner by ourselves!
Toward the end of the week, annie was not herself. She went two nights where she woke up at night and Tanner and I did something that we swore we would never do...let her sleep in bed with us! (you do whatever works at 3 AM, right!) We're not sure what was wrong, but things are totally back to normal now and she's sleeping like a rock again.
Here are a ton of pictures from our trip. (Sorry so many! I can't help myself.)

Our family on our first vacation all together.

I guess Jesse got tired out from all that hiking!

There was so much room for annie to run, she loved it!

Smiling even his sleep!

Annie and Papa

Tanner running with Annie on board! She loved this!

Now he's awake!

Bald Rock, Tanner, and Annie

Annie and Jess in their bear clothes that Nonnie got them.

Annie enjoyed playing in the closest as much as she liked being outside.

She was interested in the pinecones. She picked one up for all of us on our hike!

Annie's first hiking stick.

Sweet girl in the leaves.

Annie at the nature center. Tanner used to come here every year when he was a kid. I think he was more excited about it then Annie was.

Snake skin

Jesse at the nature center

Playing puzzles

This is how Annie had to leave the nature center.

Hiking in the woods by the house

Where are you going, Annie?

Nonnie took Annie on a pumpkin hunt. She loved this...what a great idea!

Annie chasing the geese

More pumpkin hunting

Daddy and Annie

Sliding at the park

Davey Crocket or Jesse Brock????

More pumpkins

Hiking together

My little skeletons


The Abney Family said...

It looks beautiful and sounds like a really good time. The pictures are great!

Veronica said...

You guys look like you had a terrific time! I want to go on a "pumpkin hunt!" So, where to next?