Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eating already???

Jesse will be 4 months tomorrow!!! I can't believe how time flies. He had his 4 month checkup on Monday. Here's his stats...
15.2 lbs.
25.5 in.
The Dr. told me that I could start feeding him so we gave it a try this morning. I started Annie on rice cereal but I decided to try bananas in the Magic Bullet today.

Here he is ready to eat! (This boy is just too sweet!)

Yum! Of course his bib ate way more than he actually did.

He made some funny faces but by the end of the meal he was actually opening his mouth for more!

Do you think he liked it???


Carrie said...

What a precious little boy! It is so sweet to see their faces on that first bite!

kasey said...

I cant believe he is already eating solids....and bananas at that. We started with rice ceral too, did they say it was ok to start with fruit?