Monday, November 17, 2008

I got our tickets tonight to go see Twilight on Friday night and I am so excited! 4 days and couting!!!!


theandyoneals said...

Have fun with all the 18-year-olds!!
I am almost afraid to watch the movie...I don't want to be let down!

Madagascar was great, though!!

Amber said...

I'm going Saturday. I can't wait. I'm reading book 3 now, and I'm hoping I can get through book 4 before the baby's born!

kasey said...

Ok, I do I wasnt sure what all this Edward stuff I asked Missy and she explained it all to me, Alton and I actually went to the movies last night for his birthday (we saw Role Models) which was pretty funny. And I saw the previews for this movie. Now I get it. SO I havent read the books or anything but it looks interesting to me, only thing is I would have to see it by myself cause Alton said it looks dumb....oh well....maybe I can rent it one night on video.