Saturday, November 1, 2008

Park Picnic

Kristy and I found a new park around our house this week. It was so fun that we decided to take everyone back today for a picnic. Kristy's whole family (her parents, sister, and Ethan's mom) came so we had lots of extra hands, which was great...especially since all the guys went and played frisbee golf. Here are a few pictures...

Kristy's sister got a new puppy...Paula Dean. Annie liked her!

Jesse and Joey

Jesse took a turn on the slide.

Daddy taught annie how to climb up the slide instead of going down it! Of course that is all she wanted to do!


Veronica said...

The kids looked so cute in their costumes!! Love all the pumpkins. Jess looked like he enjoyed the slide! Love "Paula Dean!"
You have to let me know when your "Family Tour" comes to town. We love to meet. You have to see Lakeside Shopping Center now! OMG Has changed soooooo much!

jessicamae3 said...

How adorable is your family! I have been having so much fun watching! I joined your blog! Also loved her saying her letter sounds...her K teacher will love it!