Monday, November 10, 2008

pictures from our week

We went to Tanner's parents this's Annie going to grandma's!

Jesse is getting so big!

I love this onesie! Annie wore it too when she was a baby.

Jesse rolled over for the first time on Sunday. He has been rolling from his belly to his back but he finally got it from his back to his belly!

Way to go Jess!

We all got dressed up in our Saints attire to go watch them lose! (again! UGH!) Oh well...the kids looked cute.

Annie's getting better at holding Jesse.

Leo has two powerwheels and him and Annie cruise around their backyard. They are too cute. Annie doesn't have the steering down yet, so she runs into things!

Leo wants to go for a ride with Annie!

Annie's trying to steal a kiss.


So today Annie wanted to play with her legos. This is how she played! She sat in the basket of legos!

Al picked out these adorable boots for Annie. She loves them...especially the zipper.

All Annie wants to do in the bathtub is lay back in the water. Tanner even drained all the water out of the tub and she still just layed there. Her hair looks so funny when she lays back in the tub!


Amber said...

Those babies are precious!

The Abney Family said...

so cute!

Veronica said...

They are too cute. I think Jesse is going to be holding Annie soon!!
Love the bathtub photo!

kasey said...

That is great picture of the bath time, too cute!