Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 months...no way!

I cannot believe that Jesse is already 6 months. He is growing faster than Annie did, which is so scary!!! We had his 6 month check up. He is 18.7 lbs and I can't remember how long he was...isn't that sad? He's sitting on his own, but not attempting to push up or crawl at all. He's just content sitting there!!! He's still as sweet as ever and LOVES his sister! Especially loves pulling her hair...seriously. He is constantly grabbing for it and almost always grabs a big handful of it. She screams I pry his little fingers from her hair and we go on. (This happens at least 5 times a day.) Between Jesse pulling her hair and Mullet biting her face, Annie is going to be one tough little girl! anyway...here's a picture of our little man!


Amber said...

I wish we could freeze time and keep them babies a little longer. He's beautiful!

katie said...

look at my bo jess...6 months old already! how crazy is that? he is such a sweet boy